Tewfick Codsi, Managing Director
Tewfick once drove a frozen fish lorry. But he gave it up many years ago to make a name for himself in the design world. Our clients are glad he did. Otherwise, all those management skills and the ability to wring the most from any budget might’ve gone to waste. Just about everyone in the industry knows him. Most are polite enough not to remind him about the frozen fish.
Sue Wells, Design Director
Sue loves to meet people. We don’t mean she’s a serial speed dater. We mean she gets a buzz from working with clients, illustrators, photographers, copywriters and anyone else who shares her passion for whipping brands into shape. It’s the kind of spirit that turns heads and wins hearts. Strategy and planning laced with a hefty shot of creativity – that’s her favourite tipple.
Bec Malone, Creative Director
Bec readily admits to having a love affair. With colour, with layouts, with typography, with brands in print and on screen. She’s a hugely experienced designer who is passionate about helping clients achieve their business goals by improving the way they communicate visually. Few people have her bionic eye for detail or share her obsession with fonts. Luckily, our clients find it impressive, rather than just scary.
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